A Young Father Reflects

Young Fatherhood.

People love to hear about being a young father, and I don’t really know why.  Maybe it’s because people don’t usually talk too much about it, and some people are even ashamed of it?  I don’t know, but whatever the reason is, that’s why you’re here isn’t it?  Comment below and let me know what it is about young fatherhood that intrigues you.

Here I am, doing the same things as any other father, except I’m younger.  I wake up happy, next to my daughter every morning.  Yes, that’s true.  I’ll admit it’s not the best habit to get your child into, but we started with her sleeping in our bed, and now it’s very hard to break the pattern.  I really have no complaints about her sleeping in my bed at all.  I wake up and she’s the first thing I see.  There is nothing better than that.  Maybe it’s us, the parents, who are accustomed to the taboo habit, but either way, that’s how it is right now.Do You Wanna Build A Snowman Toddler Life

Anyway, the older she gets, the more I judge my actions in the past, and I’ve come to realize, I am so grateful that I made the decision to have a child at such a young age.  While it may have been hectic and frustrating at the time, we worked hard every day, and got ourselves to a much better place because of it.  There are a number of reasons why its better to have a kid when you’re young. 

I was 19 when my daughter was born, which isn’t actually that young.  Yes, it has that badly sounding “teen” at the end of the number, but it’s not what America has gotten used to watching on reality TV.  I was old enough to understand what I was doing, and take action accordingly.  Some good things that the essence of my daughter has brought to my life have been, greater understanding of the world around me, she keeps me out of trouble, and she keeps me motivated to work hard day in and day out.  What else can do that for you at the young age of 19? Comment below.

Better understanding of tIMG_8621he world around me

It is true what they say about loving your child.  When you have a child of your own, you love them more than any other thing in the universe that has ever existed.  You start to understand the world around you as a different place.  You start to think of how you can make the world a better place, instead of just living in this giant place, you want to do whatever you can to fix it, add to it, or leave your impression.  I can’t be here forever, and I need to know that my daughter lives in a better world when I leave. 

 The L word is thrown around so much in today’s society, but one does not fully understand the word until they have a child.  I truly believe that.  -Ryan Kearns

Keeps me out of trouble

There is no explanation truly needed for this section.  People that are my age tend to get in trouble a lot.  They party hard, trash their college campuses, drive drunk, and a slew of other unnecessary evils take up most of their free time.  Instead of being a part of the crowd, I have a reason to be at home working hard, and spending time with my loved ones.  As of right now, I find it impossible to spend too much time with my daughter.  I’ll keep you updated on that. Haha

Motivates Me

I would not do half the things I’ve done this far without my daughter at my side.  She gives me something to work hard for.  I’m not just referring to working hard at my job, I am talking about going after my dreams.  One day, I’ll tell my daughter that she has to pursue her dreams and her passions.  How can I tell her to do that, if I sell out myself, and give up on mine?  I can’t, which means I will always pursue my passions as an example, and as a father.

Being young really has nothing to do with it.  People rise to the occasion.  Next time you see a young parent in the grocery store, or in town, instead of shooting them a dirty look like they did something wrong, why don’t you give them a compliment like, “You’re doing a great job, keep up the good work.”  We all deserve appreciation in this world, and everyone knows, being a parent is hard work.

Ryan Kearns and Adelyn on a bench at the park.  Having a fantastic day outside

Ryan Kearns and Adelyn on a bench at the park. Having a fantastic day outside

Thanks for reading.

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Be The Creator Of Your Own Life, What Do You Have To Lose?

What do you have to lose?

If you’re like me, you use the phrase, I have nothing to lose a little too often.  It’s kind of the unofficial anthem of a millennial.  The acronym Yolo proves my point quite clearly. When’s the last time you went a full day without hearing someone say that one?

I have a wife, a daughter, and a house, so I actually do have a lot, that technically, I could lose.  I use the phrase, not to say that I have nothing, but to show that I will not lose.  One of the main pros of being a young father is that I am motivated to work twice as hard as anyone else on any one project, because my time is more precious now, than it ever has been before.

What do you have to lose? What are you afraid to lose?  What could you not live without? Instead of letting it hold you back, make sure that very thing is what lift’s you up, gets you out of bed, and helps you work as hard as you can for the life that you seek for you and for your loved ones.

Don’t let the fear paralyze you.  Use the fear in your advantage.  Use it to make you run.      -Ryan Kearns


Be the creator of your own life.  I firmly believe that we all have the strongest influence on our own lives.  We are individually responsible for our own failures, success, good times, bad times, we are overall responsible for our life.  We make choices every day that ultimately lead us to where we are, and where we will be.  There is no blaming other people, situations, circumstances, the finger always points back at yourself.  Everything you are is a thought of things you did, and actions you took in the past.

A creator is a person who stares directly into this reality, and firmly steers straight ahead towards their specific success path knowing they are the only ones who can truly change their own life.  They don’t make excuses, they don’t blame, and they don’t dwell on the past.  A creator looks at two things, the present, and the future.  They work as hard as they can to get where they want to be, because anything short of their idea of success is unwelcome.

I recently found the strength to grab a hold of my whole life the way a creator would.  I am creating the life that I want, and I will not stop until I get the life that I dream of.  The best part about being a creator is that I know without any doubt that I will make it to success, because I only blame myself for any unfavorable situations, days, and outcomes.  I adjust accordingly to the mistakes that I make, and I use them to my advantage to keep myself on track to where I want to be.  I am empowered to work through every bad situation, and I am certain that good situations and opportunities will always come my way.

Be a creator.

A Creator asks the question, “What can I do today, that will help me tomorrow?” every single day. -Ryan Kearns

Choosi1016814_10205396269812481_305274309497895839_nng a life of creation and art

Don’t get this confused with being a creator.  There are plenty of people that would not create a life filled with creativity, art, and creation, even as their own life creator.  Let’s  be honest, choosing a life of creation and art is looked at as risky now a days.  Many people are often forced into corporate America without thinking of their options of taking the direction of creation and art because it is looked at as risky, and scary in today’s world.  That’s just a fact.

People who choose the arts and a life of creation are almost automatically a creator of their own life, because they have to be.  They choose the life that will make them happy regardless of risk and sometimes even money.  They go for something that they believe in, because they love it, and it’s their passion.  They have to find a way to create the success that they want while doing what they love, and that’s what makes true fascinating and happy people.  Imagine getting paid tons of money for doing the one thing that you love the most for the rest of your life.  That’s everyones idea of success.

I recently did some soul searching to find out that I belong in the life of creation and art.  I never knew it was true, because I was blinded by America with talk of money, and less risky positions in society.  I realized that I have some true passions and interests that are all involved with the other side of my brain.  Here I was pursuing a math/engineering degree, but I love the arts.  I’ve always had a huge respect for the arts, and the amount of time and energy that people put into something that they love, but I never understood it completely, or saw myself doing it.  Then I quit college for personal reasons, and did some soul searching.  Now, it’s all that I could see myself doing.  If you don’t try to do something you love, why do anything?  I would rather work for okay money, and be able to pursue my passions, than make good money, and be stuck making that good money without my passions available to me.

To make money doing the thing that you love the most, you must first figure out what it is that you love. What is your passion? -Ryan Kearns

In closing,don’t let your fears paralyze you. Use your fears, and what you are afraid of losing to instead accelerate yourself to work.  Be a creator of your own life. Take responsibility, and reach for success.  Before being pressured into  corporate America ask yourself if you’ll be happy.  Ponder on creating your successful life around your true passions, and ask yourself if a life of art and creation is right for you.

What do you think?  This is clearly an area for free thought, so please, leave a comment!

Even White Collar Can Play In The Woods

Even White Collar Can Play In The Woods