Don’t Be Pressured Into College

As my first post in a long time, I wouldn’t expect much from this one if I were you. There is no plan for this post, and I am just stroking the keys, and seeing what comes out. My future posts will have more thought, and purpose, I promise. Here’s some stuff:

People probably think I’m10408085_10206692080846947_8958900375457883129_n bipolar, crazy, or scatter brained. Some of those are true. I’ve been switching my story, my message, and my dream around for a little while. It’s completely understandable for people to get frustrated with me. My young hipster mentality wants to use the excuse, “I was soul searching”. My older more intelligent side would probably just agree.

It’s true, I tried a bunch of different things to lead me to this point in my life. People probably think, is he just trying to make a quick buck? Is he changing himself to please others? Is he stupid?

I should clear up, that I’m referring to my career path, and my internet endeavors with blogging, and such, when I speak of trying new things. Not too long ago, I was trying something completely different than I am today. But, truth is, I’m only 21 years old. I have tons of time to figure shit out.

The reason I switched what I was doing so often was to find the difference between my interests and my passions. All I’ll say right now, is that it was this soul searching and trying new things that brought me to my true passion. There will be future blog posts to explain more.11102960_966216980064175_8039949557642059058_n

I knew that what I was doing first, my very first plan of action right out of high school, was the wrong one. I woke up one day, and I was over-worked, tired, stressed, and I did not feel like I was living life. I was pursuing a math degree, and I was only 3 classes away from graduating. I have a daughter, a wife, and a home. I have a ton of responsibility to provide for my loved ones, and keep the roof over their head. I was working full time and going to school, but I felt as though what I was doing was wrong. It’s not that I didn’t want a steady job, it’s that I don’t want THAT job. I was in it for the money to begin with, so I went to school for engineering or math. I was almost finished, and I quit. I can honestly say, that I’ve never made a better decision. I educated myself on the things that truly matter to me, and helped myself find something that makes me get out of bed in the morning energized, ready to work, and with a clear mind. I’m truly living.  This is not to say that using college to educate yourself is wrong.  It is to say that using college to educate yourself for the wrong reasons, is terrible. In fact,  I plan on going back to school for a different major that suits my real passion, all the while creating my dream path to success.  I am liberated.

It’s far, far, far too often that society pushes young brilliant minds into college before they have time to realize what they want to do. It’s far too often that kids spend a ton of money that they don’t have on an education that they don’t want, only to please their parents. It’s too often that we are pressured to take the easy way out, get a job in corporate America, put on that white suit, and get our mediocre paychecks, instead of reaching for our dreams, and hitting our path for success full force.

21330_10206767005000004_6081378672774318374_nWell I’m a parent now, and I’ll say, I would not want to force my child into such a situation. I would never tell her to sell out, not go for her dream, or just take the mediocre job without trying to reach her real goals. For me to mean what I teach her, I have to live by it. And that’s what I’ll do. I will always do what I love because I love it. I will always strive for unimaginable goals. I will always teach my daughter to do the same.

If you take anything from this post, let it be, Don’t be pressured into going directly to college from high school. Figure out what you truly want. Go for it.  Education is key, knowledge is power, but don’t be forced into something that isn’t you.



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